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We offer a range of composting solutions and would love to have you on board the composting movement. Whether you are a school, restaurant, cafe, or office, we make it simple to compost for the farmers in our community.

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For the farmer.

Want to turn your spoil into soil for a farmer near you? 

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Peddle Power.

We collect on bikes in most neighborhoods! 

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In the Media

Going Green segment takes Compostwheels Global. Featured on CNN International at our awesome farm partner, Freewheel Farm.
Long-time partner and supporter, Zipcar features Compostwheels on their awesome blog.
The quick and dirty on Compostwheels right at the start of this composting revolution.
Friends over at Scoutmob give Compostwheels a shout out. A little local love never hurts.

About Us

Compostwheels was founded in the spring of 2012 in Atlanta, GA. Built from the ground up for the ground, Compostwheels has been turning year after year and now works with over 7 farms and gardens in Atlanta who collectively grow 75,000lbs of fresh produce annually and compost approximately 288,000lbs of your food waste annually that is cycled back through their growing process.



We give you a bucket.


You put your food scraps and organic material in the bucket.


You leave your bucket on your doorstep for us to empty for you.


We turn your compost into nutrient-rich soil.


We deliver that soil to local farms and gardens or back to you.

At Home

We know how hard it is to throw those vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, and eggshells into the trash week after week when you know they could be turned into black gold to help grow beautiful vegetables in your garden and the farms in your community. For only $30/month Compostwheels clears the conscience, and handles all the stinky parts of the process so you are left with good feelings and good dirt to boot! Each customer gets one skip/month. You are not charged for the week you skip.

At Work

Saving the earth doesn't have to stop at home, we offer a range of composting solutions for your work place, coffee shop, grocery store, school, or institution. Click on the button below to give us the details on your inquiry and we will contact you promptly. Keep the wheels turning!

"We had our own compost bin in the backyard but after many years it started to fall apart and the process became unmanageable and messy. We were torn between getting rid of it all together and buying a more expensive one. Then along came David and Compostwheels, the perfect solution to our problem!"
"Convenience, good service, and added value to the Atlanta community"
Tareq Fayyad, East Atlanta Village
"You have made a big difference to us because you have made it so easy for us to do the right thing, help the environment, support local schools, encourage community gardening, and feel like good citizens."

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Lets talk all things dirt.

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